Book Details:

Book Released: July 15, 2020

Title:  A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting, the Novel

Author:  MM Kent

Genres:  Fiction, Mystery, Romantic Suspense


Trade Paberback: $17.95 US   ISBN:978-1-7350812-1-2 

Ebook: $5.95 US.    ISBN:978-1-7350812-0-5

Words:  112,681  Trim Size:  6 x 9   Pages:  396

Listed in Ingram Catalog October 2020

About the Book:

An intelligent, nostalgic re-picturing of the emergent subculture of 1969. The boundary between what’s moral and what’s legal gives A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting an outlaw feel, and principles of painting take it to the level of Art.

Readers: Fans of Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore and The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda will like this book.

Tags: Artist, Sensuous, Funny, Female lead, Coming of Age, Magical Realism, Mexico, 1969, subculture.

Blurb: “It has everything: an unidentified body, romantic tension, delicious descriptions, and unexpected humor, with accessible principles of oil painting in the form of epigraphs woven throughout.”

“Big and beautiful and full of a romantic lust for life. This is a very nice escape with a bright-eyed view of the world.”

Available from:  Amazon (e-book and paperback), Ingram (paperback) and Independent Booksellers Everywhere

First Print Run:  July 15, 2020

Publisher: Wings and Roots LLC,  P.O.Box 1001, Fayetteville AR 72701

Cover Art by MM Kent

About the Author:

MM Kent is not just another old man telling lies. As a professional artist for 34 years, he’s exhibited work in fourteen states and won awards on both coasts. Kent draws on his experience painting in the naturalist tradition to infuse his debut novel with the kind of art lore an author can only acquire from first-hand experience. An athlete and grandpa, he’s both a skeptic and a romantic, living in Fayetteville Arkansas with his wife (and editor), Anne Titus, his painting studio and his garden.

Author Contact Info:  270-313-9660

In Person: MM Kent is available for interviews, charcoal portrait demos, readings, book signings.