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“What if two people have a relationship that begins with an ending and ends with a beginning?”

On one angst-filled night in December, 1968, while listening to the Kingston Trio, our female protagonist changes her name to Mariah. On Magazine Street she meets a man who changes her life, introduces her to jazz, and leaves her with a gift. 

Then Mariah has an improbable intimate encounter with the man’s brother, CJ, in the dark and without introductions, and they go separate ways, yearning to get back together but not knowing how to contact each other.

When CJ’s brother disappears during a weed smuggling deal, Mariah and CJ decide separately to go find out what happened. Their quests lead them into a dangerous confrontation in San Miguel de Allende where they find some answers, but will they find each other?


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New Orleans Jazz


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A Coward’s Guideto Oil Painting






Roy Clark playing


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I hope the trip has been enjoyable. Thanks for letting me take you in for a few minutes. My book, A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting will take you in for hours. One of my good friends (she’ll remain anonymous) has been reading it for weeks now. She only reads it in the bathtub. Just sayin’. . .




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