It’s part cozy, part coming-of age, part caper, with a dash of international intrigue and a smattering Spanish words—this book is a delicious bowl of pozole, tasty to the last drop.

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Q. What inspired a painter to write a work of fiction?

A. These three questions:

“What if I’d pursued painting while still in my teens instead of postponing it ’til my mid-thirties?”

“What do I know about art and painting that’s not just someone else’s words, but 

personal experience?”

“What if two people have a relationship that begins with an ending and ends with a beginning?”



     On one angst-filled night in December, 1968,

while listening to the Kingston Trio,

our female protagonist changes her name to Mariah.





Joining others in an old school bus,

Mariah heads for Mardi Gras, looking for the perfect place.

On Magazine Street she meets Blaine, who changes her life,

 introduces her to jazz, and leaves her with a gift.

Creole Cuisine by MM Kent, and a taste of Jazz from New Orleans


Then Mariah has a memorable encounter with Blaine’s brother, Cliff, in the dark without introductions.  

When Blaine’s plane crashes, Mariah and Cliff each set off to find out what happened.

Will they find Blaine?

Will they find each other?


The novel is a sort of movable feast, taking place in New Orleans, Austin, and two notable places in Mexico. Here are links to help establish the ‘color world’ of the story and a

MAP of Mariah and Cliff’s travels.


Roy Clark playing Malaguena


Discography of A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting



Video of MM Kent Painting




I hope the trip has been enjoyable. Thanks for letting me take you in for a few minutes. My book, A Coward’s Guide to Oil Painting will take you in for hours. One of my good friends (she’ll remain anonymous) has been reading it for weeks now. She only reads it in the bathtub. Just sayin’.

MM Kent





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