Hi. I’m MM Kent

My debut novel is scheduled for release July 15, 2020.

It’s a love story, a feast of sensual delights and artistic insight—part cozy, part coming-of age, part caper, with a dash of international intrigue and a smattering Spanish words—a sensuous bowl of pozole, tasty to the last drop.

All I promise is entertainment.


The novel is a sort of movable feast, taking place in New Orleans, Austin, and two notable places in Mexico, Zihuatanejo and San Miguel de Allende, so I’ve included some links to help establish the color world of the story.


 Here’s a Map with some of the important locales.















What if I’d pursued painting while still in my teens instead of postponing it ’til my mid-thirties?

What if two people have a relationship that begins with an ending and ends with a beginning?

What do I know about art and painting that’s not just someone else’s words, but personal experience?

These questions inspired the book,


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On one angst-filled night in December, 1968, our female protagonist listened to the Kingston Trio and changed her name to Mariah.



Roy Clark playing Malaguena 


Writing Samples (excerpts from the cutting room floor)

Rosita served a Mexican slaw for lunch, with shredded chicken, cabbage, onion and slivers of green chile—all marinated in cream and lime juice. Expecting a late night, we retired to our respective bedrooms for a long siesta.

I woke up to the sounds of an alto sax drifting upstairs from the stereo then stood and touched my toes to get the circulation going. I dressed in a dark blue t-shirt and jeans and walked out to the studio to kill time before the mission. My painting from the previous day sat on the easel and begged for help, so I couldn’t resist laying out some paint. I touched it up, brightening the sky here and refining a bit of foliage there. My mind emptied, my tension eased and time evaporated.

more samples

Creole Cuisine by MM Kent


A taste of Jazz from New Orleans

I heard Opal Fly  play the saxaphone at a friend’s wedding reception in Fayetteville a number of years ago. She played tenor, but in A Coward’s Guide, I’ve given my character a baritone to drag around. Opal is quite a gal, and when I wrote the New Orleans scene, I thought of her.


And speaking of taste, I found a recipe for Oysters Bienville, Mariah’s favorite.


The old all-you-can-eat deal at El Toro in Austin featured Chile con Queso, a delicacy still available in a couple of places in Houston and San Antonio, just like it was served in 1969.

 Chile con queso puffs at Molina’s Cantina on Westheimer in Houston, guaranteed to take you Somewhere over the Rainbow.











More to Come . . .